hireamerica-graphic-designerA misconception that many people have about graphic design is that it is easy to do and anyone can do a professional job. For some of us, this is true because we already have the skills to take care of these needs. Most people, for the most part, do not have the skills and will require professional services. Really – it’s true! Having professional graphics on your website is just as important as having unique text. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. So how do you go about finding the best designer for your project? Use these tips to make the task a little bit easier on yourself.

Always check out the portfolio of the person you are thinking of hiring. Make sure that this person has a portfolio that you can peruse. If they don’t have one, find someone else. There are people that are just starting. This is true. Some people may only have leisurely activities that they have done for friends and family. Even this should be in a portfolio. However, if they don’t have a portfolio, go on to someone else. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of headaches in the future. Before you hire a graphic designer, do some web browsing, giving special attention to your competition. Look at the graphics and images they have up on their websites and in their marketing materials. Does the look of it appeal to you? You may want to take certain pointers from these sites, and also identify some things you want to avoid. It’s helpful to see what your competition is doing so you can get a clearer notion of what kind of graphics you want to use yourself. Then you’ll also be better equipped to select the right graphic designer for your project. You can then point the designer to some of the sites you’ve explored and tell him or her what elements do and don’t appeal to you.

Another tip you can use is this – have a conversation with the people want to hire for graphic design jobs. It’s all well and good to look at resumes and contact references. Even when all of these things are good, however, the person can still be a bad fit for you and what you need to have done.

Having an actual conversation with a potential graphic designer can help you figure this out. It’s best to do this in person but if you can’t, talk over the phone or through an Instant Messaging client. As long as you have good communication with the graphic designer, your project should be completed in no time at all. When creating your websites and content, make sure you carefully consider your graphics as well as the written aspect of your content. Many people -including you, probably- will click away from a site that has a layout or design that’s unappealing. When visitors react to the design of a site, they may not even be aware of it consciously, but it will still have a big impact on their behavior, such as how long they stay there. This is why it is imperative that, if you do not have experience in this area yourself, you hire a professional to do it for you.

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